Price Dropping Deal of the Day

Hi Everyone,

I have this cool idea, where you would add an item to the cart, as a “Dropping Deal of the Day” item.

What it would do is start off as “retail” and each hour (or whatever admins wants to set time at) the price drops (again dependant on admin) and will continue to drop until that item is finally purchased.

Of course there would have to be a "lowest price before deal stops), and for just 1 item at a time.

Mike make for interesting fun and a awesome reason to bring back customers daily.

Can this mod be done?


Am I really the only one that thinks this would be a awesome idea? :frowning:


Checkout this thread…


The solution discussed in the above thread is a bit different, but you could still utilize the promotions scheduling mod (mentioned in that thread somewhere) and a cron job to reduce the price every hour. However, you’d need some extra coding to get the product to be no longer available once it is purchased.