Price auto adjust with quantity discounts

Hi every one,

I was wondering if someone knows how to make the price to automatically adjust to the quantity discount price when selecting quantity from the drop box in the product details page ?

The price already adjust itself automaticaly when we select an option, but when changing quantity from the drop box, the price remains the same, even if there are quantity discount configured for this item.

Thanks !

Any one could help me with this ?

I think this was fixed in 2.06.

Make sure your membership levels are set right and your values in qty discounts tab for your product.

Unfortunally there is no global option for this yet it seems.

Problem I have is if If have any promotions…like 50% off products…Quanity discounts does not suspend. Therefore my 50% sale can turn out to be 75% depending on quanity ordered.

hi all, i have the same problem, the price updates if you select options ok, but does not automatically correct itself if you enter more quantity. the only time you see the correct price is in the cart after the users add’s to the cart.

What version are you running?

version - 2.1.3

Yep, does not seem to update on quantiy changes. Guess you’ll have to report it in the bugtracker.

is there any code we could put in the qty box (on exit or something) that would refresh or a refresh button.

I would report it as a bug and let them figure out the correct solution.

they says its not a bug and to log as a feature request, which i have done.

cs cart, did this for us as an add on, see