Presales Questions

Thank you for your interest in CS-Cart.


  1. Can digital products be downloaded instantly and later? For example if I use the script to sale software can they come back later and redownload it.


    Yes, digital products can be downloaded instantly and later. Customer receives email with link to downloads page, which is valid for the certain time, defined by admin.


2. Can you inport users from another database? I have one cart already and when some one registers I want to add to add them to this cart on another domain.


CS-Cart doesn’t have users import feature by default. But you can order our custom development service and our engineers will add this feature for you.


3. I am comfortable with php/mysql and smarty so would have a problem building number 2 but how much of the purchased product is encrypted?[/QUOTE]

CS-Cart is open source software and it doesn’t encoded (only trial version is encoded).

Hope my answers help you to make the right choice.