Presale Question on multiple items

I would suggest that you download a “trial version” and give it a go.

It is highly customizable and from what I see of your website you might be able to create a “category” with each product and add the other products to this category which would automate the listing of additional products.

I think that you would be able to do this fairly easy in CS-CART.

Try it, you’ll like it.

CS-Cart has a lot of variant possibilities. This Knowledgebase entry might help you see ( You can also go into the demo and see on the admin side that you can create multiple variants, each with their own picture and they can change the weight and/or price of the product.

Hope that helps.


I belive what you also need is product layout setting for each product (product display option) and multiple product option selection to the cart.

Unfortunately the current cs-cart only supports category layout but not product layout display setting. I have suggested a number of times for the future -request. It has been confirmed but I have no ideas if it will be covered in the future releases.

Also see