Prepaid Voucher / Prepaid Payment Card

Hi, i'm looking into CS-Cart to start a multi-vendor store,

one of my concern is a payment system, that supports pre-paid vouchers or prepaid card.

The idea would be to sell pre-paid cards, with a $ value at vendor physical stores or the local post office,

The value of the card would be then loaded in CS-Cart where shoppers can then use this as their credit to pay for their orders.

Any ideas as how to achieve this?

Is this built into CS-Cart?
is there and Add-On that can achieve this function..

Where i live, not everyone has option to credit cards.

C.O.D, is not an option, as it can lead to crime, and would not be safe for delivery experts.


May be the following module can help you

Customers can use certificates to pay orders in full or partially