Pre-Sales Questions

I sent an email to CS-Cart. While I am waiting for an answer, I thought I would post the questions up here.

  1. I am on a shopping cart that is really slow. We have 10,000 products. Will CS-Cart be able to handle that?

  2. With over 10,000 products, I don’t want to enter them manually. I know there is an import/export feature. Can I import my products and maintain their categories?

  3. My current host does not care about the shopper experience they just care if the website is up. I see that A2 Hosting is one of the recommended. Do they do a good job taking care of CS-Cart customers?

  4. Do you know if accepting Amazon Payments is on the roadmap?

  5. Is it possible to have multiple store-fronts with one admin backend/database?

  6. Do you like CS-Cart? I spent some time today reviewing the forums and I noticed that:

    a) I didn’t see a lot of responses from CS-Cart.

    b) There are some frustrated people with how CS-Cart is doing things with customer mods.

  7. Last question, I see some talk of a 2.0.9. How soon is that coming? Should I wait until that releases before I start moving over my store.

    Thanks for reviewing my questions.


Hello Adam,

1 - Yes.

2 - Yes, CS-Cart can manage import/export CSV. You can use too

3 - (for me) is the best webhosting company of the world.

4 - Don’t know

5 - Not yet (roadmap?)

6 - Yes. a) CS-Cart staff here… Well, no need. b) Don’t know.

7 - Next few weeks.

Lee Li Pop

Well I agree with Lee Li.

I personally use CyberLNC for my hosting. They have had a couple of problems lately, but I have been very happy with them. Plus, they know CS-Cart and are active on this forum.

As for waiting for 2.0.9, I don’t think it really matters. With the new upgrade process, upgrades are pretty painless and simple.

For the CS-Cart staff, they are on the forum sometimes, but pretty far and few between. Like she said though, it really doesn’t matter since most questions are answered by users on the forum. The only thing I have had a problem with CS Staff is that I am in California so they are 11 or 12 hours different than me, so when I’ve needed help, it can be a kind of slow process.

Anyways, just my 2 cents,