Pre-Purchase Questions

[quote name=‘Unregistered’]Hello, I am currently in the market for a solution to sell products online with a twist, I was hoping that someone could give me some feedback as to if CS will work for me.

I am looking to sell physical products as well as downloadable products, such a photos & videos. I would like for buyers to be able to view samples of the videos before purchasing if possible.

I would also like to give buyers the option to register for a paid membership to have full access to watch the videos & browse the photos instead of purchasing individually. So I would really like to have an area for users to to just view these types of items separately then where they browse to buy them. Much like a gallery.

Maybe a little to much but I would like to be able to stream video as well. Maybe even a video chat (Live Support) type of situation.

Sp would this script be able to cover what I need either out of the box or with 3rd party additions or mods that hacve proven simple & effective?[/QUOTE]

This would be a moded CS-Cart… we are in process of completiting a package on the similar concept.

I am selling software while using this cscart script, I am very satisfied about the cscart and their functions. i recommend you to sell your stuff by using CSCART :smiley:

You would have to customize CS-Cart to accomplish that. But the core engine is great and the template has just got better with the last version, with mostly DIVs instead of TABLES used for layout. Even though the default CS-Cart ships at an affordable price, you should have at least 500 bucks ready for further development. Most modifications can be done by CS-Cart support itself, and I should confess that some of them became more costly than CS-Cart itself.

I just haven’t come across another cart with as many features and extensibility. There’s the CS-Cart older brother that does most of the tricks his younger brother can, but that one is only for those with damaged braincells AND unlimited budget.

I guess you’d like to stick to CS-Cart if you don’t have any of these two. Specially if you don’t have both. :wink: