Praise for

I'd like to express my appreciation for the guys at CS-Cart Templates. I considered several contractors for development of my custom template on CS-Cart Templates offered very affordable pricing for the work, but my main reason for hiring them was that they were the most responsive to my questions and put by far the most effort into my request for quote. Harris was my primary contact there and was super easy to communicate with. I'm on the west coast of the US and they are in Greece. The time difference concerned me with respect to working together efficiently, but I could always count on waking up to some form of progress as long as I got my specs or feedback in before leaving work for the day. Harris was even responsive to an issue that I found after the job was complete and payment was made.

I've been up and running with the new template for only a few days now, but so far, so good! I expect for them to be at the top of my list next time I'm looking for design integration help.

I love working with people in different timezones. I have people in Argentina, the US, Russia, and Asia, and I'm in Europe. So I can prepare stuff, send it out, and it's usually done when I wake up.

Please update us after going through an upgrade… Just want to know if the work was done for a specific version or whether it would transcend to a newer version without major conflicts…

Always looking for good front-end developers who understand how cs-cart works and do the work correctly for the architecture. Unfortunately, I've also encountered many (most) who simply have-at modifying standard files which will make any future upgrade problematic for you and revenue generating for them.

But given they have cs-cart in their name, I'll just assume they did things correctly. But would still like to see an update after going through an upgrade.

Nice layout and template, can I ask who you host with? Site seems quite quick!

I would like to thank you for your quick response and kind attention.

I would also like to say thank you to Harris and company at CS-Cart Templates for their invaluable help setting up my CS Cart store. I cannot say enough good things about their knowledge of CS Cart and their willingness to find the best solutions to my particular problems. I would wholeheartedly recommend CS-Cart Templates to anyone looking for a 3rd party development company to help them create their website.

What an awesome experience - I loaded a new version of CS-Cart yesterday - the template I had bought was for a earlier version - and I had an issue with the installation - i sent my request through to CS-Cart templates early this morning - i just got a email with the solution and updated files the same afternoon.

Really appreciate the prompt responses to my emails and the quick solution.

They must have new people working there now the templates code was a mess and the service was just people who want to argue with me and never resolved any problems or even tried