Powered by CS-Cart - shopping cart software


Can I change;

[QUOTE] Powered by CS-Cart - shopping cart software [/QUOTE]


[QUOTE] Powered by CS-Cart [/QUOTE]

I need to keep the text short in the footer.



I’d advise you to remove it completely. for many reasons.

  1. hackers then know your software, much easier (not that its hard) but could use known exploits to hack into your store (if there were a hack)

  2. Search engines will pick that up as well.

    You are under no legal means to keep cs cart name on your store.


I will remove it completely then, I would have done this for reason 1, however, with the last cart I used it had to be kept in legally.

Thanks for the info.


It’s actually something you can find in the translation screen. I just replaced it with my own sitename and I was done :slight_smile:

Didn’t think to look there actually! The last cart I used had it coded into the php and not in the templates or language files - they liked free advertising!


I have the ability to change the company name, but after my company name the footer "Powered by CS-Cart - Shopping Cart Software " still appears?

Someone know how to get rid of this completely?


Hi tribalboy3000

Try the bottom.tpl. in skin/xxxxx/customer/ Note the comment marks {* *} in the code, not {Copyright}, this is from blue steel template, should work with all.

{** Copyright **}

{$lang.copyright} © {$settings.Company.company_start_year} {$settings.Company.company_name}. {*$lang.powered_by} {$lang.cscart_shopping_cart}*}

{** /Copyright **}

Thanks for the tips.

Sorry to bump the thread but I was looking for this information for a good 30 seconds prior to searching the forum :stuck_out_tongue: