Postal Payments

I was wondering if there is a way to configure the checkout so if i accept cheques, postal orders or bankers drafts etc i can add the address they have to be sent to and who they have to be made payable, as their is a minority that dont have crdit or debit cards.

I know i can have a page stating this information but most customers would probably not look there.

Id like it to be displayed after selecting that method of payment.

thanks in advance

I added the information to the Payment Details section which appears in the last step (using multi-step) of checkout. You can see it in the attached image.

I put all that information into the Language: check_payment. You can put HTML code in the language variables so it works quite well.

Good luck!


Exactly what i was looking for, thanks

When released, version 2.1 will allow you to specify the appropriate instructions for each payment method and will display them on the new successful order landing page.

You can review this roadmap thread to see the other new features that will be included:



Nice! I must have missed that being mentioned. That will make things a bit neater to associate with each payment method.