Postage Labels mass print

Hello Guys

I think a postage labels function (like eBay has) would be really useful.

I was thinking it would be great if it worked just like the invoice mass print function but just printed the shipping address.

I’m thinking of coding it myself but I’m no smarty expert and it’d probably take me half a day that I can’t spare with a full time job + a shop to run.

What do you reckon?


Yes!!! I need this so badly. I’m going to write a mall add-on later to do this, but i think CS-Cart should add this functionality in by default.

I think something very simple like the Bulk Print for the invoices but for labels. In fact, you could probably just copy the function that controls the Bulk Print for invoices and rename it. Then make a new template. :slight_smile: Easy cake.

Please add this in the new version or service pack. I hate adding all kinds of mods into thins like cs-cart. It just means more work for me when a new version is released. lol.

You can take a look at this thread to see a great potential solution posted by baballuci:


I agree that it makes cart maintenance more difficult down the road but at least you have a solution until something like this is added to the cart.