Possible Bug In Products Order Position

CS-Cart 4.9.2.SP3

adding a product, say with a sort position order of 200.

Then change the image of the product at a later dat to a new image detailed image, sort order changes back to 0 from 200

ANy fix anywhere ? I cant seem to find an admin demo to test

Where are you setting the position of a product? Is this specific to variations?

in dispatch=products.manage&cid=854

I am on 4.52, so just in the general product manage tab on categories not variations.

not a real issue but I couldnt test or find an admin demo to test atest version.

You got the fires under control yet Tony ? bad news I see

Contact me via email and I'll take a look for you. Don't have that old a version here..... New stuff doesn't have position for products.