Positioning items within a block


When creating a new block, be it categories or quick links or just about anything there is no way to customise the order of the items added.

I’ve added a block to the home page containing 8 chosen categories in a grid (4x2). They default to the order they are within the main categories but I don’t want them in this order within my block, I want to position them manually. There is no option to order them or drag them.

Secondly, I have 2 blocks in the footer with page links in. These default to the order in which they are added. I now want to add an additional page to the top and have to delete all my previously added pages to the block to get the new one to the top.



Using v3.04

You need to set the Position field for the Categories (via Products>Categories) and for the Pages (Website>Content). Alternatively, create a custom Menu for Categories and set the Position there, then create a block using the Menu block type, selecting your custom menu. This will allow you to keep your Categories/Pages in their default position as well as having a custom menu with the pages using whichever sort you choose, based on their Position.

Hi Stellar

Thanks for your reply, I'll give it ago.