Portuguese/Brazilian Language

Hello Folks,

Anybody have the full translation for Portuguese/Brazilian version?



It takes less than 2 hours.

Its fairly simple

no pain…no gain…

Hey martins wassup?

Yep you are right, no pain no gain. I was able to translate all that, every line and every word for sure. The true is, it took a lot more than 2 hours as I customized pretty much to our Language.

I will send an email to CS asking if they want the file (in case they don’t already have)and maybe release on the “File Area” of help desk, so newcomers can use it.

Thanks for your response.


I think you did not understand me.

I did not wanted to be rude. Its only that I think that CS-cart has one of the easiest ways of doing translation I’ve seen if we compare it with other PHP packages.

On CS we can have shop opened in one window and administrator in another and we can browse the shop and translating at the same time, while on most other we have a plain language file, that we translate, then upload…then correct…then upload…etc.etc. Its much more painfull.

With CS as you know, is very easy to do. That was my point. Its so dam easy and quick compared with other packages that anyone can do it and do the translation acording to their needs.

I do apologise if you thought I was being rude. That was not my intention.

Kind regards,


Hello José,

Maybe we misunderstood, I didn’t think you were rude at anytime :).

I just responded to your post saying that I was able to translate :).

I agree with you CS is very easy to be translated . Great piece of software.

Take Care



The full version of the translation is AVAILABLE at:


O versão completa da tradução está diponivel no site:


CS-Cart Brasil