Pop-up message for only international customers?


Is it possible on my Order Landing Page (I have cs-cart 2.2.5) to create a block with html that can determine if the order is shipping to another country (anywhere other than the United States)?

I have trouble sometimes getting a contact phone number for international customers. But I do not want to make the Phone: field a requirement because it would make everyone have to put in a phone number. But roughly the 20% of my orders are international and some will put in a phone # … but some I have to send messages asking them and make times they do not check the email until weeks later.

Since I cannot make the Phone Number a required field for only international customers, I am thinking maybe have a popup on the Order Landing Page for international customers only to see. Something like ‘Make sure we have your phone number! It is needed for the international shipping documents!!’.

I can create the popup … but I do not know if there is a way to tell if the order just placed was international and to only active the popup if it is to any other country than the United States.

Is this possible or am I going about this the wrong way?

Thomas from Webgraphiq has some geoip addons with similar functionality. If they don't do the specific job, he might be able to tweak one for you? www.webgraphiq.com

Thanks @Scott_C!

I looked at what you recommended and it might be able to help. :grin: