Pls implement 2FA via E-Mail or TOTP Authenticator

Hi guys

Can you pls implement in the next update for all Users a 2FA via E-Mail or TOTP Authenticator solution?

The most users use the same passwords and for cyber criminals its very easy to logon with leaked passwords in the cs cart store.

It is also a legal problem for all store operators in the EU. 2FA is considered the minimum security standard that every store operator must make available to the customers.

If a store is hacked and the judge asks whether the necessary minimal security standards for the users have been implemented and the answer is No, there is a risk of heavy fines.


You can use the Social Login add-on with Google provider, and your customers will be able to use 2FA when they login to their Google account.

by b2b the users use the company domain email adress and no 3. party provider like google because the most comapnys does not allowe (data privacy)

i need an e-mail or totp solution

Okay, thanks, I have forwarded this to the developers :slight_smile: