Please Vote 1.3.5 SP2 - Sales Increase/Decrease

Let’s get some feedback here on 1.3.5 SP2. Customer sales increase or decrease?

Because of the time needed for search engine indexing here with the new SP2. Let’s base everyone’e vote on a comparison on sites using 1.3.4 and 1.3.5 SP2 either using there prevous 1.3.4 links or using paid advertising.

This should be interesting…

I think your overall look of the store can have a large effect on the sales

if you look legit people buy

I went from 1.3.4 sp3 to 1.3.5 sp1

I re designed my skin also and it looks great

sales went up a lot

that could be because we went up in the serps in all 3 major search engines

before we were getting 1 order per 100 hits or so

now it’s around 1 in 25-50 hits

in 1.3.5 the statics help out a lot you can look at who is on your site what key phrase they used and how many pages they viewed

using the statics in 1.3.5 we found that we were ranked for some terms and getting hits but the people would just visit 1 page, then some phrases we were getting not that many hits but like 25 page views

we changed our whole seo strategy and I think that is helping us too