Please migrate this forum to XenForo

XenForo is much more user friendly and modern. Its jQuery based and therefore suits CS-Cart.

XenForo community

XenForo has a major benefit for CS-Cart: it has a Resource Manager (Directory / Marketplace) included: [url=“Resources | XenForo community”][/url]

It can also be used like this: [url=“”][/url]

This would allow addon developers to present their addons here in a very professional way.

It would also allow designers, developers, administrators, SEO companies to offer their services.

All of this without any need for Simbirsk to deal with payments.

Migration from IPB to XenForo is a breeze and can be done in a few hours. I can even do it for you if you need assistance from an experienced professional.

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Hello P-Pharma,

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

We are not planning to move our CS-Cart Community forum to another software. However, we will certainly consider your suggestion in the future once we decide to move it.

As regards the Resource Manager feature, of course we need something like this. However, this functionality should be integrated with our CS-Cart software closely. So most likely we will develop this functionality by ourselves.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Are you running the latest version of IPB? (IP.B 3.4.4)

I am constantly encountering issues with topics displaying the wrong lastpost and displaying read topics as unread. Its very annoying.

When I contact developers on here, they tell me they do not want to talk here because they hate the IPB messaging system.

Hello P-Pharma,

Thank you for your message.

We are using version 3.2.3. However, we are already preparing an upgrade, so our forum will be upgraded to the latest IPB version soon.

As regards your issue with viewing the new content, unfortunately, I have never experienced it. I would like to ask you to check this problem again after we upgrade our forum and let us know if it is still reproduced. Detailed information about how this issue can be reproduced will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

It is a known issue with IPB 3.2.x

it will be resolved with the upgrade.

[quote name='CS-Cart Support team' timestamp='1366717821' post='160491']

We are [color=#ff0000]not[/color] planning to move our CS-Cart Community forum to another software. […]


Which one? I misunderstood. -.-

They were saying that they were not planning on moving to different software.

However, things have changed. The current software is old and could use an upgrade to IP.Board 4. XenForo has advanced greatly and can offer much more to CS-Cart.