Please improve the log

Producing CS-Cart Ultimate websites is particularly tricky when multiple developers, designers, CS-Cart support, all need access to the installation. If someone does something wrong its impossible to see who caused the problem and what was changed.

The log should be the solution to this problem. But unfortunately it does not log important matters and there hardly is overview for those things that it logs.

To make the log useful, please:[list=1]

[]log template changes

]log all events, including addon changes, activation and installs.

[]add a drop down to select the user.

]add ‘design changes’, ‘addons’, ‘content’, ‘settings’, ‘administration’ to the type field.

[]allow us to search events per store.

]allow us to filter out trivial matters like the annoying automatic version check.

[]allow us to filter the results by selecting multiple types, similar to how product filters work on the front end.

]hide the content field by default or let us chose whether or not to show the content field.

[]log file edits. At least for the stock CS-Cart files. it would make a world of difference to see which files have been modified and when (even if the time is not exact)

]Allow us to show more rows per page. rows per makes does not make sense when you have 10.000 results.