Please Help!

Because I am an idiot I was trying to clear my cache and following what someone said here on the forum went into my ftp site and deleted var/compiled - only they did not specify to just clear out the admin folder, so now I am dead in the water, no access to site or admin panel…What have I done and how can I fix??? Thank you… :?

And also didn’t delete the cache folder. Should I???

Just recreate the var/compiled folder from your ftp. Just create a new folder within var folder and name it compiled

Hope that helps,


The var/compiled folder should be recreated as needed as well as the var/cache folder. Removing part of one of these directory trees can cause havoc.

NEVER any reason to remove these directories manually. Just use the ‘cc’ paramter in the admin url and it will do the same thing.

Yes, deleted both totally and am back in business. I tried the cc method multiple times, kept getting a 404 error and it didn’t work. I was trying to edit the quicklinks but it wasn’t working. After doing the manual clear - it all now works perfectly. Thank you for your help!

If you got a 404 error then you weren’t passing the parameter properly.

From your base admin URL (click the home icon after being logged in) you add a ‘?cc’.

If you’re doing it from a url like .php?dispatch=categories.manage then you need to add an ‘&cc’. The ‘?’ starts the parameters and can only appear once. If it’s already there then you need to use ‘&’ to separate parameters.