Please Help - I have a relationship problem between shop-cart and suppleirs :)

Hello Everyone!

Help me please, again! Can I tie a shop-cart to one supplier?

For example, a customer puts in a shop-cart his first purchase, and then the rest goods he must choose only from the assortment of first purchase supplier.

Can I do it with CS-Cart?

Such unusual challenge posed by the relationship with suppliers and the structure of delivery.


Calling doctor Phil.

Out of the box, I don’t know of a way to do this.

OK! If there are not such functions, then I will do as always. Warn customers!

You can display the name of the supplier for each product which might help a bit. You can enable this in the options for the supplier add-on.

If the primary reason you want items ordered from the same supplier is due to shipping, CS-Cart can calculate the shipping costs separately for each supplier. In the Supplier addons option, check “Multiple shipping method selectboxes”.