Please Cs-Cart Team Behave Yourself!

Hi cs-cart team i want leave comment here about your releasing politics.

We are looking an multi seller platform for my client. an we are interesting MVE Plus but,

1-) Cs-cart released variations its good option but, APi, and another addons is not ready (XML Import)

Please dont publish anything before all cs-cart channels ready !

2-) You are selling Plus version with addons but,

Common product addons doesnt work properly, product list categories and blocks adding product to cart without vendor !

3-) You are develop almost Vendor edition 5+ years. and still vendors cant manage own RMA's why you dont think this ? also vendor RMA payouts calculating without discounts !

4-) you are removed billing address without asking users, We read at your blog 55.000 user using cs-cart but maybe only 100 users selling worldwide all anothers using cs-cart local ! please ask to us before take big changes !

I added all to Bug Tracker, still didnt take any action. also I asked with helpdesk ,

you want extra money for your BUG FiX !

if you want walk with this politic. you can sure cs-cart have a lot of alternative.

We love cs-cart but we have patience. just make better first cs-cart later you can add new features !