Please advise on image thumbnails


I am trying to to make the images on pages like this link below into a smaller thumbnail:


That image is the same size as the “view larger image” button and skews the page. I’d like that image on the above link to be about 200 pixels.

These are my current thumbnail settings, but I don’t think they effect the page I want (link above).

Product thumbnail width = 180

Category thumbnail width = 120

Can you please tell me how to do this, I cannot figure it out.

Thank you,


Using 1.3.5sp2

just upload “Popup larger image” and let the cart create tumbnails (in this case the size changes according to settings of cs-cart).

If you size rather than predefined setting for specific thumbnail(s), i think you need to resize picture yourself.

[quote name=‘fardin’]just upload “Popup larger image” and let the cart create tumbnails [/QUOTE]

Im not sure what you mean by upload? I believe I have everything uploaded. Im just trying to get the image on the link above to be about 200 pixels. As for editing each picture myself, that is not really an option, I have over 20,000 items to upload.

Appreciate any help on this.

I just had an idea, maybe I can edit the template of that page to resize my images? Would this work? Maybe someone can help me with how to write this into the code (and what page), as I have looked and its all Chinese to me? Thank you very much.

Ok, I figured it out. The problem was fixed within the csv import. I was uploading the same image in the thumbnail and detailed image feilds. I just removed the thumbnail feild and imported. Everything worked perfect from there! Yipee!!!