Planet Hi-Fi

take a look, i didnt do alot of mods but take a look through and let me know what you guys think about it. we are going to start pushing it in a few weeks and i would like to get your feed back on it. mabey some suggestions on what i could do.

thanks alot and really appreciate it

Done well just dont forget to change the keywords in your Meta Tag to your own.

And this is just me turn off the ajax thing so when you have a couple of pages under 1 category it doesnt just sit down the bottom of the next page when loading then they have to scroll up but like i said i dont like it like that .

what is that ajax thing, ill turn it off but whag does it do. thanks for letting me know about the meta tags. i thought i covored everything

Mate im not sure.We were having trouble with our site map Generator for google wasnt scanning the whole site only half .I turned it of “Appearance” then " Customer settings" then unticked “AJAX(Javascript)-based pagination” now it seems to be scanning the whole site again.

+This is only my thoughts on it it didnt seem right going to next page and staying at the bottom of the next page .

thanks. it changed pages for me but thats why i wanted others to see it. thank alot

I have made some changes and would like your oppinions. Check it out and let me know what you think,

thanks alot

I like the graphics in your welcome message area - very nice.

Looks good.

I’d recommend you review your site in Firefox. your header has some issues with background images.

thanks for that info, ill check it out

Hi zoom4267

Looking good, and by the number of your post, I’ll bet you’ve put some hours in to it.

just getting the hang of how the template works mostly, its basicly stock, i kind of like it, your the one who put in the hours. your graphics are very nice.

As ETInteractive stated, I’m seeing header issues in Firefox.


ill check again, i have firefox and i thought i fixed it. thanks for the info

i just checked again and it seems fine, hmmm,

Still not correct.

See attached screenshot


thanks for the screenshot. i have the images overlapping. there is the background.jpg and the other .jpg. i havent figured out how to just have one of the images. if i have just the background image then i have a red x for the other image, if i make the other image bigger it squishes the links.

ill have to change it then untill i figure out the top images.

i appreciate you letting me know

ive tinkered with it a bit and now i just have a little box. how do i get rid of that so i just have the background image.

this is how i have it now.