Placing subcategory in multiple parent categories?

I need to place a subcategory in multiple parent categories. Is this possible?

How do I do this?

You can try putting a new block for menu on your left column in categories and then select text links for the type and Dynamic Tree for Content and leave the rest as is if your subcategory is the first child. If not you should choose Parent Category from the list.

It should then show you dynamicly for the categories view each time the subcategories.


This is the best solution I came up with. If some else has something better please let us know.

I also found a commercial addon v3 compatible (CS-Cart Dynamic Category Addon)



Mhm, that's not really handy for my situation. I'm filling a very large store, which acts as a master store. There are many different store-fronts which show part of the master store tree. I need to be able to add the a child category into multiple parent categories.

It would be problematic if this is not possible.

Have a look at the Addon http://www.cscartroc…gory-addon.html)

It might do the trick