Picture Update


Really dumb question and I can not see the answer anywhere - I have updated products with new pictures but it still shows the old pictures in the main item and new if you open the image. I have flushed the browser to be sure but other reports seeing the wrong images.

Any ideas?

if you are importing new pictures old ones must be removed from database manually…


No, you do not need to delete the imported images manually, the imported images override the old ones. It seems that the problem occurred because of the thumbnails cache. In order to clear the thumbnails cache, please log in to the administration panel of your store and open this page in the browser: http://www.my_domain.com/admin.php?ct , where www.my_domain.com is your domain name and admin.php is the script for the administration panel of your store.

I did import to latest cart just few days ago and I got 6 picture links instead of 3 to every product, meaning pictures were doubled old not removed as supposed to. It happened with fresh install (fixed this by now)…

Thank you for the reply, Darius.

We are sorry that you experience such a problem.

It seems that the problem occurred because the incorrect import format was used for uploading of images to your store. Please refer to this article in our Knowledge Base: [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation in order to learn more information about the import functionality. Or contact us via Customer Help Desk: http://helpdesk.cs-cart.com and provide us with the necessary CSV-file.