Picture Size

We have recently upgraded to Version 4.11 from version 4.9.3 which resulted in us re-building our site.

The theme we have installed is 'AmericanTheme' provided by Simtech.

On the Homepage I have added a block (Product Info- Category trees) to display pictures of our products and for the cusotmer click on and select. However the images are a bit to small so would like to increase the size. The picture sizes we are using are 300x300 pixels the same as we used in version 4.9.3 and they come out lot bigger in this version.

Could anyone please advise who we go about increasing the size on the homeage?


What template did you select for the items on the home page?

It woulld just have been the default template.

The steps i took to build that page was Design>Layout>Layout>Homepage and then selected the Category tree

>Add Categories

Category tree does not look like default template. The following templates are available out of the box