Picking Specific Product Properties In Smarty

Right now I use the standard code to show the product properties in the short list with featured properties.

                   {hook name="products:brand"}
{include file="views/products/components/product_features_short_list.tpl" features=$product.header_features}

But now I pick all the featured properties and I want to seperate them. So I gave them a unique property code (12 and 13).

So I thought that somehow I can select property number 12 somehow? I can't find documentation on this and trial and error didn't product results.

use the following code to see the content of the $product.header_features array:


Most possibly you will find the feature_code parameter there

Awesome thanks, my product page is now almost finished :)

One more thing, I am trying to add a custom image to the add_to_cart button. So I am in button/add_to_cart.tpl and editing the but_text.

but_text="IN WINKELWAGEN"|default:__("add_to_cart"

but that html is shown as pure text. I also tried making the button type an icon but that doesn't help. Any suggestions what I could do?





{$but_text nofilter}

in 4 or 5 strings of code

The clear cache and check result

(!) Not tested