Physical Products Order Flow

I am implementing a marketplace where we will sell digital and physical products.

Digital products seems not be a problem to be implemented, but I am not being able to figure out how to is possible to setup an order flow for physical products that doesnt give too much privileges to vendors and in consequence a great risk.

To start let me explain how the marketplace will work. This is a classic marketplace where vendors sells products to customers. The money will flow firstly for the marketplace and once the product is delivered to customers the vendor will be able to request the money.

In the standard setting, CS Cart Multi Vendor allow vendors to change any order to any status including some combination that to be applicable in most circunstances like change a "paid" order to "failed" or "incomplete". This approach seems to have a flaw, since a malicious vendor can just set an order as complete and being able to receive the money.

In other hand the CS Cart has a setting (that I am not sure if is included in the default multivendor license) that disallow vendors to change order status, however if they are unable to change status, how can a vendor indicate that the product is shipped to customer?

So, I would like to ask how other marketplaces solve this situation? My doubt is more about what is a good approach in this case, even that require a custom work.