Php Versions: 4.5.2 Cs-Cart & Php Version 7.0.32

Does the above version of cs-cart play nicely with the indicated version of PHP.

I want to use xampp for testing and the ultimate server has PHP V7.0.30 xampp version has 7.0.32. Will there be any conflict moving files from xampp testing to server.

Question may sound naive but have been bitten b4.

Thanks for a yes or no :-)

Yes. Thank you I did visit that page before. Just got a bit confused about PHP versions. I figure that if the requirements say V7 then 7.0.XX should be fine as I have V4.5.2.

Thank you again.

It's the second digit you need to be concerned about (7.x). The third digit (7.x.x) is just fixes.