Php Parse Error (T_String) In Fn.control.php

[08-Apr-2017 00:15:52 Europe/Berlin] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'RJAxTbgEt0ugVivyuRd7PzNBYJJxi4' (T_STRING) in /home/pasioonline/public_html/app/functions/fn.control.php(714) : eval()'d code on line 5

I found this in my error logs and I and when I open this fn.control.php file at line 714

I See this

 * Runs specified controller by including its file
 * @param string $path path to controller
 * @return array controller return status
function fn_run_controller($path, $controller, $mode, $action, $dispatch_extra)
    static $check_included = array();
$auth = & Tygh::$app['session']['auth'];

if (!empty($check_included[$path])) {
    $code = fn_get_contents($path);
    $code = str_replace(array('function fn', '<?php', '?>'), array('function _fn', '', ''), $code);

    return eval($code);

} else {
    $check_included[$path] = true;

    return include($path);


Certain products simply cannot be added to the cart without triggering a clearly noticeable JSON error.

What can I do about it ?

I am sure I am losing out on customers and thus revenue.

I know this is weekend but I need help and ready to pay for support. Please contact me via PM.

eval()'d code on line 5 is most likely the issue because of the apostrophe but on line 5 where is the question. Have you tried clearing cache?

eval()'d code on line 5 is most likely the issue because of the apostrophe but on line 5 where is the question. Have you tried clearing cache?

On your recommendation I just have cleared the /var/cache folder.

I repeated the process and no issues so far.

But popping up again.. interestingly , they can be absent in one language but appear in the other language, so it must be a text problem.

Last error message read "unexpected character at line 6 column 1'

Where can you find that line and column?

Error log shows now this:

PHP Notice:  Use of undefined constant CART_LANGUAGE - assumed 'CART_LANGUAGE' in /home/pasio
function fn_url($url = '', $area = AREA, $protocol = 'current', $lang_code = CART_LANGUAGE)

The latter is line from the fn.common.php file

I must presume something is wrong in the use of the URL, the SEF URL.

line/public_html/app/functions/fn.common.php on line 3192

From Yvana :

It looks like we found the culprit: URLs that are too long, which predominantly happens at the Dutch language side as we translate the English name of the products. Too early to call it a victory but we are going to work on the URLs.
And her I thought to have improved on them as we formerly didn't have the brand name in the page title, I also made sure to have it in the URL too..this plus a short description of the main ingredients, makes the URL too long ..

Not sure how I can work the fastest.. ideally I'd want a complete list of all URLs on a spreadsheet or text processor so I can see in one glance whether it is too long or not.

Off-topic, we work with DHL as one of the 3 courier services and they have the nasty habit to use 2 columns on an address labels with lines overlapping each other.. guess what, nobody at their help desk had any idea how to prevent it nor what the maximum length was.. finally used MS Word and had it count address lines.. turns out the maximum is 35 characters (including spaces).
DHL makes you pay for address labels in advance w/o showing how they actually turn out to be nor has 2 dedicated lines for an address, so you have to resort to using the business name line.

PS: nope, URL length can't be the reason either.. the problematic product has just about 80 characters/signs while another product with 112 characters causes no problems whatsoever.