Php 7.3 Support For Cs-Cart 4.9.3

Hi guys,

I want to know what is the best PHP version to choose for CS-Cart 4.9.3.

My hosting provider has up to PHP 7.3.2 support and also has options for FastCGI and FPM support with Apache or nginx.

In the system recommendations for CS-Cart it lists support for up to PHP 7.2.

So my question is, is CS-Cart 4.9.3 compatible with PHP 7.3 and what option is best, FastCGI or FPM?


I have not seen any communication from cs-cart related to PHP 7.3. Hence I would stick with 7.2 until they declare it compatible.

Yeah, I guess I'll stick with 7.2 for now. And install CS-Cart with that version of PHP until they announce something for 7.3.

Also here's a screenshot that I forgot to upload in the first post.