Php 7.0 - I Have Cs-Cart V4.3.4 Seems To Work Fine


I have CS-CART v4.3.4 with PHP 7.0 and all seems to work just fine.

CS6CART Team told me that CS6CART is compliant to PHP 7.0 from version 4.3.6.

Can anyone or CS-CART team tell me what does not work in v4.3.4 with PHP 7.0

If someone as a list

Please let me know as I don't see any problem on 4.3.4

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From experience can be whatever (from contact form to certain payment gateways issues).

You can find out this only when you run the shop and check the logs. I would not risk. If you want php 7, better use 4.3.6 if possible.

All of that works perfectly

I just change my payment module for PHP7 version

Good. I would advise to check logs for errors. (during one week)

There could be small issues that you can not see at first sight. If no errors in logs, then everything is fine.

CS-Cart developers updated lots of third-party libraries in 4.3.6. That's why they recommend using PHP 7 only from 4.3.6. version.

Even if it is ok now, the problem may occur with some modules in future.

It's better to follow the CS-Cart recommendations as they tested all versions.

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