Phardata Not Found

I've tried to upgrade to version 4.1.2 through the upgrade center but I'm getting the following error…

Fatal error: Class 'PharData' not found in /home/s1u33/public_html/app/functions/fn.fs.php on line 187

Can anyone advise if this relates to to my Php version?

See here.

Update: I'm impressed, CS actually just put it into the KB here.

Thanks for the reply, I'll continue with the php update and hopefully it sorts the problem…

Ok, still not able to upgrade from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2. I've contacted my webhost and they reckon they cannot update their server php to 5.5 without causing alot of problems. Is there another solution for this error?

Fatal error: Class 'PharData' not found in /home/s1u33/public_html/app/functions/fn.fs.php on line 187

You do not need to upgrade PHP to install Phar. It's a module available to install during the build of PHP 5.3+. As you have gotten this far with V4, you must be running at least PHP 5.3. Therefore the Phar PHP module repo is available on your server, but it is not installed (ie. activated). This can be done in different ways - command line, or through GUI such as EasyApache - but will be dependent on your hosting provider.

To reiterate, you do NOT have to upgrade to PHP5.5. You DO have to install the PHP Phar module, which does NOT require a PHP upgrade. Since V4 requires PHP5.3+, you do NOT need to upgrade for the purpose of installing Phar. You simply need to install the Phar module and rebuild Apache.

If your host is unable to understand this, I would strongly suggest you change to a hosting provider who does.

Thanks StellarBytes, I've checked my php info…[size=2]PHP Version 5.3.27[/size]

[size=2]Configure Command './configure' '–disable-fileinfo' '–disable-phar' '–enable-bcmath' '–enable-calendar'[/size]

The host seems very reluctant to change php config/version, do you know if it's likely they can change this without impacting other users?

It would only effect other users if you are on a shared hosting plan. You would require a VPS or dedicated server at a minimum.

For what reason won't they allow phar to be enabled? It's a PHP Archiving module and is secure if the “read only” setting is enabled, as it is by default in the phar distribution.

Ok then, back to host, might be better off hosting myself at this stage. Thanks for the info…