Personalised Newsletter


Within the newsletter setup area it has a list of tags you can enter (ie %COMPANY_NAME: Company name) into your code which picks out the info from the users details.

Is there any way of personalising the newsletter with the users name? Can’t seem to see a way of doing it, seems strange that it can’t be done.

Thanks in advance


Looking at addons>news_and_emails>func.php I found this code, does anybody know how/if first and last name can be added to this?

$values[‘%UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK’] = fn_generate_unsubscribe_link($subscriber[‘list_id’], $subscriber[‘subscriber_id’]);

$values[‘%ACTIVATION_LINK’] = fn_generate_activation_link($subscriber[‘list_id’], $subscriber[‘subscriber_id’]);

$values[‘%SUBSCRIBER_EMAIL’] = $subscriber[‘email’];

$values[‘%COMPANY_NAME’] = Registry::get(‘settings.Company.company_name’);

$values[‘%COMPANY_ADDRESS’] = Registry::get(‘settings.Company.company_address’);

$values[‘%COMPANY_PHONE’] = Registry::get(‘settings.Company.company_phone’);