Permissions Help

I developed my new store on my local PC using xampp and when finished uploaded to my live site however something is wrong with the permissions.

As you can see in this screen shot I can't change the Gift Certificate Logo:


However, I set the permissions for all folders at 777 and all files 666 in the Design folder and it still won't work.

I did as per the kb article on permissions:

chmod 644 config.local.php
chmod 644 design/.htaccess images/.htaccess
chmod 644 var/.htaccess var/themes_repository/.htaccess
chmod 644 design/index.php images/index.php
chmod 644 var/index.php var/themes_repository/index.php

But what else is there to do across the entire CS-Cart installation i.e. should EVERY single folder be set at 755 and every single file across the entire installation be set at 644 or ?????

Incidentally, how I uploaded my new store is:

  1. I first installed cs-cart on my server
  2. I then uploaded via ftp my developed store from my local hdd overwriting the cs-cart files on my live server
  3. I then deleted the database and imported my database from my local hdd

Probably wrong way to do it but the kb doesn't say how to do it using the scenario of local development and uploading to live environment



I would try ALL folders 755 and ALL files 644.

This is how I have to be on my server! Though all servers are different.