Per-Product Currency

Ok … so cs-cart has a Localization feature and a Suppliers feature, and is able to convert the product price to the customers selected currency. However to truly be able to sell products globally, with suppliers in different countries with product pricing in different currencies the restriction of all products having the same currency in admin is crippling.

I would like to see a CURRENCY drop-down field for each

Product , Product Option and Shipping Method .

And Localizations and Suppliers default currency descriptions.

(anywhere a price is defined)

Also, Admin> Settings could have a Check-box to select default currencies:

“Link Supplier currency to Product” which automatically sets product currency if Supplier is defined prior to entering a price.

When the Customer is shopping, all product and shipping costs would be converted and shown in the currency selected in the Store Front.

Thats got me thinking…

Added feature would allow Localization descriptions to modify product pricing & shipping by a linear factor (y=xm+c) based on Supplier. This would allow products to have different pricing in different countries (as defined within Locations/Localizations) when drop-shipping from the same supplier.

Anyone know of an Addon mod for this functionality?

From the lack of posts , I gather that noboby else would like this feature?

You can vote to have this feature added to the cart in the Ideas forum:



i just saw this and it applies to my situation as well… Have voted in favour too! Anyone has a temporary solution to this now?

I see on uservoice that many people have voted for the Multiple Warhouse function.

For this to work correctly, products shipped from worldwide locations will need to be priced in the urrency of the drop-shipping warehouse, not the currency of the store admin.

So if you vote for Multiple-Warehouse it will be wise to also vote for Per-Product-Currency request.

İs it your looking?


It certainly looks like the very thing.

Q. Are shipping costs also addressed in this module?

The module is more expensive than the cs-Cart itself however

çok pahalı soo expensive

[quote name='cs-carttr' timestamp='1289956820' post='95265']

Ä°s it your looking?



I cant read Turkish, and the sites English Language isnt working. So I have no idea.

any one cant do this addon ?

[quote name='cavemin' timestamp='1329815192' post='131718']

any one cant do this addon ?


What is the question?

This looks like the module, but even the output is somewhat hard to grasp.


this is what u need. but really expensive. i think some addons coder can do it 30-40 buck that

If anyone wants to vote for this in uservoice, The Multiple Warhouse suggestion is the one, as this would require “Product Currency” and much more. And it has more votes.

i did for my site and i voted there 5 time.) i not need more them that easy vay

add 2 field to currencies one for cur code and another temp currnecy. that must wll convert to main currency thats all

Im not quite understanding that cavemin. Are you saying you have a mod?

yes i build myself. working wery well but i did a lot of changes

Can you share the mod's ?

Also interested, can you share your site url so we can see.


still i am devoloping at localhost my site's another parts. but i can provide screen shoots.

i attached also i add import export options currency




Just revisiting this now, …this is very interesting.

Not only could it be used for the original purpose of “Product Currency” but with possibly a small addition, “currency” could be used as a “margin” converting buy price to sell price.

Are you developing as an addon?