People can order products that are out of stock

Hi there,
There is an issue that customers can somehow order a paroduct after it has been set to be out of stock?
I have product variationa set to zero
Many Months later, just recentlly the customers can place an order with the product that is out of stock
I also deleted the Active carts .
Is there something that I missing?
Kind regards

In Settings->General->

Enable inventory tracking: is it checked?
Allow negative amount in inventory: is it unchecked?

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Yeap it is checkked.
To repeat:
When i do the testing i can not make an order of the product that is out of stock.
Because there is no add to cart button.
So everithing seem correct, but somehow some customers can still make an order

Are they using the repeat order button, in their previous orders with the out of stock product?

Hi there,
Thank you for your sugestion.
Just checked this and it is not possible to reorder it.
It gives a correct Warning tht
… has zero inventory and is removed from the cart