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I would like to see a PDF catalog downloadable by clients, as this is a frequent request that they make me.

I’ve search in the forum but I don’t think that there is one, dispite I have seen it in a cs-cart shop (but maybe it was custom made).

Anyway, if there is one, please let me no, if not, it is a feature request :wink:


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Yes I agree ???

This must have been a custom thing. As far as I know there is no way from within CS-CART to do what you want. I can create one using Adobe Acrobat but with a lot of products this would be time consumming.

Oh…Ok, sorry for the :confused: but this is my first day here, so, still don’t know these “tricks” :wink:

I wasn’t referring to your post. I was referring to the one that said to ‘use attachments’. I didn’t understand that one either. I was not confused at all by your request.

Gosshhh…I think I’m gonna call it a day, to much work made my eyes roll…didn’t notice that you were a different user, sorry about that.

Now I’m embarrassed :oops:

enable and use “attachment” add on . You can use url type attachment from the manufacturer site direct to your selected product attachment tab.

I asked cs team for the PDF Catalog and they offered to make a custom devellopment, so, I’m presently waiting for it.

Hope it’s not very expensive:roll:

This would ba excellent add on, I have been trying to figure this one out also

Well, CS developpers putted their price for making this addon: 400$ :rolleyes:

So, to save me the money, I just did my catalog “by hand” in word and then exported as PDF and uploaded it do my shop.

When you don’t have many products, it’s not that hard, in a couple of days its done…

For now is my solution to a “must have”. In the future…we’ll see…

I belive you plan to use the pdf catalogue seperately as download independent fom the shopping cart products .

It sounds excellent If there are additional feature like

-“autopopulate” (to link the uploaded files from the server into the existing cart directories and the products ( link into the attach addon) )

  • read pdf without downloading as well

Any PHP script?

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I too was quoted $400 dollars for this mod and was also told they could not guarantee it would work in future versions !

I think maybe the best solution is to find a php / mysql programmer and have a custom app designed.