Pci Scan Failed

Hi, I have got issue with jquery that finished with pci scan failed

I have sent email to cscart guys but no answer at all

I have found something about it as below but have no idea where to paste it


I tried something by method attempt and mistake but nothing helped at all to be honest :-)

Could you help me with that issue please?

Thank you Marian

Hello Marian

I think in this place


But before that you need to download the normal jquery file not .min.js and append this code to the end of the file.

I hope I helped.

Best regards


Many thank you for the clue mate, I have found as below


Relatively simple fix for this if you are comfortable modifying a core file;

The snippet https://github.com/j...mment-403761229here can be added to the template file design/themes/responsive/templates/common/scripts.tpl just after the inclusion of jquery.

This allowed me to file a dispute with my ASV against the scan result, showing that I had patched the vulnerability.

I will try forward to my guru :-)

Thank you

I have got fixed this issue by our website guru but after I disputed it trustwave denied it :-( so any idea or we will need separate with cscart ? :-) Ridiculous is they do not have a f paypal iframe :-( and the best everyone silent from cscart stuff

Ok I am not going to cry but going to find what to do as next step


Who is your scanner vendor?

Hi, Truswave