PayPal with swiss francs - Is it going to work?


I have not yet bought this software (very soon I should do) but before I have some general questions for people like me who are not using a very common currency like EUR or USD. I am using swiss francs CHF. My PayPal account is in CHF ( I have no choice…) so, I need my shop to be in CHF but I would like to show, just next to the price in CHF a price in EURO (smaller than the CHF price). This must be an “indicative” price only when checking out the customer will be charged in CHF.

Regardind this forum, I see so many posts showing how to modify the code here and the tags there, I am wondering if this programm can be used easily by someone like me who doesen’t want to have to change code lines everytime.

So, very frankly, can it be used just the way it is downloaded without spending ours writing and re-writing code lines ?..

Finally, regarding the installation, I have not managed to use the demo version because uabable to install xampp on my computer. When buying the software xampp must still be installed ?

Thank you in advance