Paypal Total Amount In Order Is Wrong

If clients pay by PayPal and apply a coupon code, the total amount in order confirmation is calculated without discount, althouth Order received email comes with the correct total amount. And the totals in admin is also calculated without discount.

V. 4.6.1

Anyone has the same issue?

Please post the issue to the bug tracker

One of our customers has a similar problem. If a customer pays with PayPal, the total price on the order is wrong calculated and there will be added some cents to the "Total".

But looking at the PayPal transaction in PayPal account the real paid price is right. Here are the wrong calculated orders:



But if he pay with other method excepting PayPal, the order total is right:





Yes I have exactly the same issue.

Posted to bug tracker

Hope they fix it fast. It is a problem to edit all paypal orders in admin manually. Also clients are confused. They pay one amount and order confirmation comes with another amount.

Thanks for reporting this. I'm glad I haven't updated to 4.6.1 yet. I'll definitely hold off until a fix is released.

Paypal is unique in that it doesn't rely on the subtotal values in the order but actually recalculates them without using fn_calculate_cart(). It does it's own sum of products. Hence if there are additional values in the order (like 3rd party addon fees, charges, options) then paypal won't know about it.

I already reported this to bugtracker and was told that it would break too much to change it hence they would not address the defect.

If this is your case, then the solution is to the 'paypal_express_get_order_data' hook (note this is NOT limited to paypal experss orders) and make the adjustments to add the items/fees/options to the paypal data.

Note that this is NOT a recent issue. The work I did that uncovered this was done back in 4.2.1.

1. Paypal charge the correct amount (this is all OK)

2. The first email with "You have placed the order" comes this correct amount (OK)

3. The order confirmation after payment comes with the total amount without discount (Not correct)

4. In the admin area all PayPal orders with discount also shown with total amount without applied discount. (Not correct)

I can not say anything about 4.2.1 but version 4.5.2 did not have this problem and all 3rd party addons were the same. So that must be corrected in 4.6.1 by CS asap.

It becomes real mess and problems with order control, etc

It sounds like a separate issue.

Most probably yes.

Awaiting for CS team comments...

No news how to get rid of PayPal issue with TOTAL AMOUNT?

I checked several times and the Open order confirmation comes with correct TOTAL,

but Processed order confirmation comes with wrong TOTAL (the same shows up in admin)

			31.48 €
			6.60 €
			38.47 €
			Order Discount:
			0.0 €
			Cupon :
			75.55 €

It just does not respect order discount at all.

If the payment method is not PayPal then the total amount is always correct. That make me think that may be IPN info is sent with the wrong discount field or PayPal addon in CS CART does not get it right (most likely)

Once again 4.5.2 did not have that problem! That happened since 4.6.1 and 4.6.2.

Some comments from CS CART team after 1 month of waiting would be very appreciated!!


Suggest you open a ticket with helpdesk or submit to bugtracker.

This had been submitted to bug tracker almost 1 month ago!

Still has status "under review"


For some reason PayPal sends the discount value to including_discount instead of order_discount, that is why the total amount is calculated wrong.