PayPal Standard vs. PayPal Express Checkout?

I’m in doubt which PayPal payment option to use: PayPal Standard or PayPal Express Checkout?

As I know, with PayPal Standard the customer can pay directly with credit card without having PayPal account. For Express Checkout the customer need to already have or to register first a PayPal account before making a payment.

Please share your experience about your Cs-Cart-PayPal payments setup, and what is pros and cons using Standard vs. Express Checkout?

Is there any sense to offer both options in Cs-Cart checkout?

express is broken don’t bother. do a search and you’ll see.

The PayPal express problem may have been fixed, but not verified.

See [URL=“”][/URL]

If you have both, the express button will be on the cart page and both express and standard will be on the checkout page. I had it this way, but it looked confusing to me to have both paypal methods on the checkout page.