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Hi Everyone,

What do you all have your paypal settings at? We receive payments from paypal but most of the time the order gets placed in “pending” status? It acts as though the payment was not made?



99% of our orders are placed in Processed status after purchase. If you check your logs you should be able to see the error codes returned by PayPal and then reference those codes here: [url][/url] to determine why the orders are not being processed immediately.

Thanks for the help, but we are not getting error codes, the CS-Cart just puts these orders as pending? Rarely will I see a Open order, and in cases with rewards points, it sometimes give me fail order? :frowning:

So not sure if there is something we am missing with Paypal settings, or possible CS-Cast?


I had this working last week, now I have the same problem…

No transaction ID from PayPal

Logs show only Requests (http/https request) _0:

I don’t think I have changed anything.



I know of no standard status called ‘Pending’…

Since the ‘name’ is configurable, the only way to help answer your question is to have you look in your database (cscart_orders table) and tell us what is in the ‘status’ column for a sepecific ‘order_id’. If it’s ‘P’, then it’s “Processed” and that means the payment was correctly handled in cs-cart. If it is ‘O’ (Open) then there was no callback from Paypal to the cart.

Mine is O for open, no call back from PayPal and no details in the Logs anymore re the PayPal response that was previously changing paid orders to P status.

My settings for paypal worked before, now no Transaction ID and no Status is showing up for paid orders.

Your thoughts?



Next step would then be to check your Apache (or whatever web-server) access_log and find the access to the paypal.php and then look to see if there was any response from paypal (I.e. another access to paypal.php. If not, then the user didn’t click the “Return to xxxx” or there is another failure of some sort.


Have you looked at your paypal payments. I recently had a problem (over the last week)and for some reason all order were staying held at “open” .

When i went into adminstration/orders/payment/paypal/configure i found a hacker had entered their paypal email address there (in place of my paypal address)and the customers payments were being sent to the hacker.

Check Now!!!

Thanks re the Fraud alert, but that is not this issue…I did check though…