Paypal Quit Working

So I noticed yesterday that orders with PayPal as the payment were pending and not getting paid for. Was busy so didn't get to test until today. Now when I try to check out using PP I get the following error:

[lang name=text_cc_processor_connection cm-pre-ajax]Connecting to PayPal server...[/lang]

I haven't changed anything with my payment details. Anyone recognize what that could be? It does it with PayPal credit too. Both credit card and Amazon payments are functioning properly.

Edit: I have double checked and some PayPal orders are going through so not sure what would be causing such a random error.

Edit #2. After further testing it appears the error was caused by my "onsite live editing" was turned on (am guessing). I turned it off and I am not getting the error now but I am getting a "Connecting to PayPal" message but it never connects.

Please check if files in the following directory were not modified recently


Please check if files in the following directory was not modified recently


Just checked and nothing has been changed in there for years.

Just checked and nothing has been changed in there for years.

I have no idea in this case. It is required to examine issue on your server. Try to contact support team

Support figured out what was causing the issue but I still had to do a little more to get things totally fixed. I recently signed up for Cloudflare for security and speed for my server. Apparently one of their speed enhancers they used called "Rocket Loader" (improves load time for pages with JavaScript) was causing that page to not take customers to PayPal website. You can add some code to keep this from loading/causing the issue per their instructions. Support did that but then ALL PayPal orders were coming through as "pending" status. So I just went to Cloudflare and turned off the Rocket Loader option and all seems to be working fine now.

Odd that so many PayPal orders were coming in just fine when I first signed up and as the days went on the problem got worse. Hopefully this may help someone in the future.

@IsItFast, thank you for keeping us updated

With cloudflare it was always random success orders no matter what settings changed.. Not using it longer for same reason