Paypal Pro Now Requires 3D Secure 2.1. No Cs-Cart Support?

We have received an email from Paypal stating that as of October 14th, card payments will fail as thats the deadline for migration to 3DS 2.1

At the present time we are using the CS Cart Paypal Pro integration and the 3DS 1 is provided by Cardinal Commerce. I contacted them, and they said that we need to change to Paypal Complete Payments, for support with 3DS 2.1

But Paypal Complete Payments is not mentioned in the list of supported products in the Paypal integration add-on. I raised a support request and the reply confirms its not supported and will not be.

What do we need to do? There surely must be many users of Paypal Pro facing this issue? What are others doing?

We now confirmed, via a Paypal support ticket, that we need to upgrade to Paypal Advanced Checkout through Paypal Commerce.

One of the products mentioned in the CS Cart Paypal addon is Paypal Advanced. Is this the same as Advanced Checkout, does anyone know? Sounds like it might be but all the different Paypal product names are very confusing.

Where are you ? USA.

I’m UK and had PayPal on to me last week pushing Braintree integration with PayPal pro and C’s. Saying it connects

I am in UK so guess we have the same issue.

I had another reply from Paypal. Apparently the new integration they need is not the same Paypal Advanced which is mentioned in the CS Cart add-on.

Its this product they now need which appears not to be supported:

They did also mention Braintree integration but that doesnt seem to get me any closer to CS Cart.

Is there going to be a problem with PayPal express also?

Thank you for reporting this!

I have forwarded these news to the developers, I hope support of 3DS 2.0 will be added into PayPal payments in the nearest future.