Paypal Payment Method... Disappeared!?

Hey gang!

Has anyone had this issue? Since my store as been setup and active I've NEVER had this happen!

Sales were fine until... suddenly they stopped. I thought nothing of it at first, until I tested the checkout process to ensure all was okay and magically... the Paypal payment method disappeared.

I've not touched settings and nothing seems to be wrong but now customers have no way of paying.

Any ideas? (This happened prior to the recent updates.)

what version?

check in admin>addons that paypal payments is set up and active
also check in admin>payments methods it hasnt been disabled by accident

My company is web-based and uses Saas subscription management to process 100% of our sales. Others looking for our company have told me that Stripe is on the higher end of the cost spectrum, but for simplicity our site is built at Squarespace, so our hands are currently attached. Our average sales are about 65 dollars, which is about 2 dollars/transaction. When I set my price, I simply took this into my margins. My customers don't have to see what charges I pay to a manufacturer nor have they feel like I spend business on them. If I did it any other way, I'm sure I'd lose customers.