Paypal - Page Not Found

We’re experiencing a high volume of issues and complaints that people cannot use Paypal to pay for their order. What happens is they are taken to Paypal from CS-Cart. They enter their Paypal username/password and are then prompted with a “Page Not Found” and “Click to Retry” message from Paypal. It isn’t happening on every order but sometimes it gets to where a customer will attempt to pay for an order 3-4 times before giving up totally screwing up my inventory.

I’m running 1.3.5 SP1.

Bump. Urgently needs help!!

PLEASE someone help me with this!

Cannot help you but I have also had some problems but not a large enough steady volume of sales to nail it down.

But just in case it helps put another piece in the jigsaw.

I make test purchase sometimes - usually after customer issues - and found I was getting the page not found when trying to make for for 0.01 on a maestro card - it was okay when I upped it to a pound (used to be okay for £0.01 ie 1pence). Visa was fine for 0.01 which I had not done before.

It would go to a page that said retry.

Are you uk based - maybe it is a uk issue.

The retry button did not produce success.

(I have some saved screen shots)

This problem could be recreated on a consistent basis. This to me suggests that it is a paypal issue. Maybe the random element depends on the card they use.

The only other thing that was going through my head was that my server is a bit variable - but good enough for now - and was there some time out issues going on.

I think paypal have their own developers forums - maybe have a look on there.

Please post back if you have any news.

In case we can build up a picture.

I had another one this morning with a customer that I was able to reproduce by “editing” the order and going to paypal as if the customer.

It was a Visa card - not sure if debit or credit version.

Went through fine using the virtual terminal.

The issue is it’s RANDOM. You’ll test it one hour it works. Test it another hour it’s broken again. It’s clearly a Paypal issue but they keep coming back to me saying “try this and try that”. There’s nothing to “TRY” it breaks when it breaks. How can it be MY code when nothing changes on my end, but on Paypal’s side, there are multiple server (round robin network) that clearly suggests to me that there is something on their end that is causing this issue to be what it is. If it was happening EVERY TIME, yes, I’d get it, CS-CART has a problem. But that’s not the case. I’ve got a lot of successful orders that go through perfectly!! Then I’ll get a guy who’ll try 2-10 times to place the same order and it fails every time.

You are saying it is random according to time (which is going to be a bugger to solve) but then you say that for some people it happens everytime.

Is it random by customer or random by time.