Paypal Not Displaying Cscart Shipping Info Correctly

...I am not sure if this is a new issue or something I never noticed before, but our customers are getting confused.

They place an order using different billing and shipping addresses, and everything works fine in CSCart. They then get directed to PayPal's site as intended, enter in their payment info, but at the last step before submitting, the shipping address displayed is NOT what they entered into CSCart. So, the customer wonders, "I already entered in where I want it sent to, why is there now a different shipping address?" (likely their preferred PayPal address) So, they then either have to re-enter it or quit and call us wondering what's going on. Annoying, and only seemed to begin happening in the last few months.

So, a ) is this something new that I never noticed before, b ) is this an add-on issue, c ) is this a CSCart issue, or d ) is this a PayPal issue?

Thanks for any thoughts!

In the PayPal addon settings there is an option at the top to override customer info. Make sure it's disabled.

Edit: I just read the other thread you posted in so you probably already checked/tried it.?

Tool - correct, ours is unchecked. Thanks, though.

Not the answer I wanted, but apparently only PayPal Express method carries over shipping info (was using just the standard PayPal method). So, I created new PayPal Express methods and we'll see how customers handle it...

Update, after setting up PayPal Express and receiving a few orders (those with different bill/ship addresses), I'm happy to report that customers (ours at least) have no complaints and say the checkout process is smooth and accurate. I'll continue to monitor...