Paypal Not Clearing Cart After Order Completed

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick question if I may?

CS-Cart 4.0.3

A customer has reported that when customers order via PayPal the contents of the cart are not cleared.

I.E. Payment works fine and the order status changes from Open to Paid on receipt of PayPal call back.

But still the customer's cart contains the items from the order just completed.

This is causing some customers to mistakenly order the same items again in future.

It's a well established store on a tried and tested server and everything is working fine otherwise, for example customer has been using SagePay payments for years with no problems. The problem can be recreated by using “Act on behalf of” function after looking at a recent order with PAID status.

Has anyone else has experienced similar problem or found a solution?

Many thanks for your help, Happy Fruit Bat

Yes, we are experiencing the exact same thing. Did you ever get anything figured out?

I can second this. Added to → http://forum.cs-cart…ed/page__st__40 as it seems like cs-cart keeps an eye on this topic and hopefully they will fix it.

We have had and continue to have this issue not only with PayPal but with Credit Card transactions as well.

We're still on version 2.0.15!